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  • Today most doctors know that Molecular Biology and Genetics can now help to better categorize and treat the diseases some patients, and that on this basis, the practice of Precision Medicine can better treat a patient’s disease, instead of a patient’s type of disease. However, in order to adopt the cost/effective practice of Precision Medicine, main doctor’s challenge is to interpret and use, easily and quickly, patient’s molecular and genetic data, which today requires very specialized educational, analytical and laboratory support, hard to find in the market, which prevents most doctors from practicing Precision Medicine.
  • PBM provides the highest standard in Continuing Medical Education (CME) for Precision Medicine implementation and improved delivery of patient care. Participants are provided with high quality educational opportunities designed to improve physician scientist background, and practice-based skills in the use and interpretation of the most updated knowledge and methods of Molecular Medicine in the health care settings, for a broad range of inflammatory, degenerative and neoplastic diseases.
  • Content PBM’s CME areas include but are not limited to Molecular and Precision Medicine, Theragnostics, Regenerative Medicine, and Translational Research. The final goal is to provide educational activities that lead to improved patient care through methods of Precision Medicine, including patient management on the basis of complementary and companion molecular diagnostic tests and target-oriented therapies.
  • PBM’s educational services are tailored to the continuing professional development needs of the participants, in support of professional and research-oriented competencies in Molecular Medicine. The expected results of PBM’s educational activities are achieved through focused training courses that contribute to the lifelong learning of its participants. PBM relies on a variety of instruments to quantify the impact of educational activities on physician performance. Expected results include an increase in knowledge and interpretation of Molecular Medicine and the ability to apply new techniques in Precision Medicine known to improve the quality of clinical practice and patient care.
  • PBM’s CME serves an international audience including medical students, practicing physicians and allied health professionals. Potential physician attendees include but are not limited to specialists such as general surgeons, internists, cardiologists, pathologists and oncologists. PBM also serves a secondary audience that includes allied health professionals, who are also members of the health care team including clinical center managers; government officers involved in health care policies; and clinically-oriented biomedical research, and executive officers at clinically-oriented biotech and bioengineering companies.


Offered CME Courses

  1. 1. Precision Medicine : Evidence-Based Development and Practice (Available)
  2. 2. Precision Medicine : Breast cancer (In preparation)
  3. 3. Precision Medicine : Colorectal Cancer (In preparation)
  4. 4. Precision Medicine : Melanoma (In preparation)
  5. 5. Precision Medicine : Kidney Cancer (In preparation)