ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA, U.S.A. March 20, 2020 – Persona Biomed, Inc. and CIAN-Dx partner to create a Precision Medicine Laboratory in Maryland

Persona Biomed, Inc.(PBM) is pleased to announce the company has executed an agreement with CIAN Dx, a CLIA Certified “High Complexity” Laboratory, enabling US clinicians and patients early access to the company’s novel Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs) for cancer and non-cancer diseases (12 multianalyte assays already ready for their adoption by routine clinical care). This includes those tests scoring our immune competence against major microbial agents that we now urgently need for identifying and immune-monitoring people at high risk of infectious diseases.

In addition, both companies will also joint venture in the development of a new cell therapy laboratory designed for the production, cryopreservation, qualification and post-administration safety testing under GMP of high quality and safe cells and cell products to be used for administration to human subjects in clinical trials and treatment.

Short-term, the agreement will allow CIAN Dx to perform PBM’ catalog of customized medical research services (CMRS) as LDTs in the company’s Frederick MD based laboratory once internal validation is completed with the help of PBM scientists.

This agreement completes an important step in commercializing PBM’ catalog of CMRS in the world’s largest healthcare market. At same time, it will allow PBM to expand its business to the cell therapy of patients with degenerative osteoarthritis and cartilage injuries.

PBM’s President, Mr. Don Cooper, noted: “Being able to offer PBM’ catalog of CMRS as LDTs through our partnership with CIAN Dx will provide the company with several important outcomes, including broader clinical validation of PBM’ catalog of CMRS, FDA approval of PBM diagnostic test and revenue share from day 1″. “Our thanks to the CIAN Dx team for making this possible with special acknowledgement for the vision and support provided by CIAN Dx’ principal Dr. Sombabu Mullapudi and Medical Director, Dr. Manoj Adusumilli”. “We are very excited to be working with them as they continue to expand their business in the developing field of Precision Medicine”.

PBM and CIAN Dx expect the required internal laboratory control studies to be completed by the end of Quarter 2, 2020. Physicians and their patients in the US will have access to LDTs from the PBM’ catalog of CMRS shortly thereafter. Suitable reimbursement codes will be identified and both companies believe that appropriate reimbursements will be available soon too. Commercial details of the agreement will remain confidential.

About PBM Inc

PBM is a global Precision Medicine Service company specializing in development of predictive gene and protein expression profiles for precision diagnosis and therapy. Its worldwide commercialization plan is supported by clinical bioinformatics & healthcare analytics, point of care software and the physician education with the help of Precision Medicine interactive simulators (PMIS™).

About CIAN Dx

CIAN Dx leverages emerging technologies to deliver superior diagnostic tools, supporting key clinical decisions. Extensive technical and clinical laboratory experience is the foundation of a complete range of diagnostic, toxicology, molecular/genetic testing and laboratory services. The laboratory is locally owned and operated, serving DC, Virginia & Maryland. Its brand-new facility couples state-of-the-art equipment with a world-class team of laboratory specialists and technicians. Its laboratory is backed by medical physicians with over 20 years of experience practicing medicine. Its medical director has over 25 years of working in laboratories within the DoD.



Persona Biomed Awarded U.S. Patent Covering a Novel Method for the discovery of target-oriented drugs modulating onset or progression of liver colorectal cancer metastasis

Alexandria, Virginia. April 5 – Persona Biomed, Inc.,  today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted to Persona Biomed a method of use patent covering a process for identifying drugs targeting the prometastatic reaction that occurs in the liver of patients with colorectal cancer. The patent is based on the identification of a set of 31 pro inflammatory, immune suppressant, bioprotective and regenerative genes whose transcriptional pattern defines a special functional condition the liver is frequently acquiring in patients with colorectal cancer and whose occurrence remarkably correlates to hepatic metastasis recurrence.  The identification of the liver prometastatic reaction signature genes is an important first step in the development of novel drugs that help to prevent and treat this pathogenic pathway for liver metastasis.

The patent, entitled “Target-oriented therapeutic drug and in vitro method of discovery thereof for modulating onset and progression of liver metastasis’’, covers the process for identifying genes encoding proteins of the liver prometastatic reaction, and hence, of the environment needed for the implantation and growth of circulating colorectal cancer cells in the liver. Therefore, liver prometastatic genes encode proteins that are potential drug targets since they are creating the functional conditions for metastasis and patients without the appropriate gene signature cannot develop metastases. The patent also covers the method for reproducing the liver prometastatic reaction in cultured human liver cells and the proteins encoded may be used in a high throughput drug screening assay to identify compounds that will block their prometastatic action.

“The liver is a major metastasis-susceptible site in patients with malignant tumors and numerous studies have focused on factors that regulate metastasis recurrence to the liver”, said Don Cooper, President of Persona Biomed. “However, liver metastasis-specific drugs are not yet available and there is a need for compounds with novel mechanisms of action. We believe that the process covered by this patent will lead to the discovery and development of drugs that actually prevent and block liver colorectal cancer metastasis, in contrast to many existing therapeutics which merely ameliorate the metastatic disease or slow the growth of metastatic tumors.’’

“This patent covers a method for identifying clinically relevant and validated targets for therapeutic intervention that we believe will lead to the development of new and more effective anti-metastatic agents”, said Larry Harvin, associate general counsel and chief patent counsel at Persona Biomed. “The issuance of this patent highlights the diversity of Persona Biomed’s growing patent portfolio in the field of cancer metastasis diagnosis and therapy. In addition to seeking protection for novel gene and protein biomarker panels for diagnosis, we have also been pursuing patents for innovative process technologies that we believe are critical to the drug discovery process.”

Persona Biomed, a leading Precision Medicine Service company, employs large-scale genomics high-throughput screening and bioinformatics in an integrated, broad-based discovery platform to enable and accelerate the discovery and development of new, proprietary diagnostic and therapeutic products and services addressing major market needs. Headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, Persona Biomed has a CLIA laboratory in Frederick, in partnership with CIAN-Dx