Precision Medicine Interactive Simulators (PMIS) & Precision Medicine Clinical Analyzers (PMCA)


PBM’ clinical research results on molecular and genomic biomarkers for most prevalent cancer and non-cancer diseases have fed Precision Medicine Interactive Simulator (PMIS) and Precision Medicine Clinical Analyzer (PMCA) that are focused on the bioinformatic integration of genetic, molecular, and clinical data through artificial intelligence (AI)-driven algorithms and provide a diagnostic complementation and therapeutic guidance.

PMIS™/PMCA™ are innovative solutions for training physicians and other Healthcare professionals in this time of transition towards Precision Medicine implementation. They provide a point-of-care capability for supporting accurate diagnosis and customized therapies. They use off-the-shelf laptop computers, Microsoft software and database managers, support interactive user operations, and are a fully on-line Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription service.


The goal is to provide an in-office capability to: strengthen the awareness, knowledge, and confidence of healthcare professionals in analytical procedures for the precision diagnosis; and to enhance individualized treatment of patients during consultations using interactive simulation.


  • PMIS™ operates in the simulation mode supported by a trained dataset of anonymized patients whose clinical and molecular parameters are selected by the doctor for a virtual practice of Precision Medicine.
  • PMCA™ operates in the open mode for the clinical analysis of real patients at the doctor’s office. Instead of using patients from the internal database, users are entering clinical and molecular parameters for every patient’s diagnosis.


PMIS™/PMCA™ enable healthcare professionals to understand through simulated examination of databases established using obscured information derived from patients with like maladies since diseases can be developed through multiple pathogenic pathways involving a broad spectrum of molecular mechanisms, and thereafter, lead to various pathophysiological patterns also involving well-defined molecular biomarkers and having distinct gene and molecular expression profiles that may indicate different therapeutic options and follow-up levels for each patient.


Offered PMIS™/PMCA™

  1. 1. PMIS™/PMCA™ Obesity and Cardiometabolic Syndrome (Coming soon)
  2. 2. PMIS™/PMCA™ Breast cancer (In preparation)
  3. 3. PMIS™/PMCA™ Covid19 (In preparation)
  4. 4. PMIS™/PMCA™ Colorectal Cancer (In preparation)
  5. 5. PMIS™/PMCA™ Atrial Fibrillation (In preparation)