About US

Persona Biomed is a global Precision Medicine company that covers the discovery and clinical validation of predictive gene and protein expression profiles for precision diagnosis and therapy. Its worldwide commercialization plan is supported by Healthcare Informatics & Analytics, Point of Care Software and the physician education with the help of Precision Medicine Interactive Simulation of every disease.


Featuring high-throughput laboratory screening, large-scale gene and protein expression profiling, along with with clinical bioinformatics, our clinical research platform can perform multi-analytic laboratory assays with algorithmic analyses (MAAAs) that now serve as complementary and companion diagnostic services for major market needs.


Our growing patent portfolio in cancer metastasis diagnosis and therapy illustrates our ongoing success in enabling and accelerating the discovery and development of new, proprietary diagnostic and therapeutic products and services to the healthcare marketplace.


These products and services, and as well as our innovative process technologies that we believe are critical to the drug discovery process, are being offered to the marketplace under several trademarked brand names, including PBMdx, PrometastaticDx™, and PBMpharma™.

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