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About The Organization

PBM is a small business accelerating awareness and use in Precision Medicine in the United States, Europe (Persona Biomed Spain SL) and pursuing associates in South and Central America (Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica and Panama) where we have received expressed interest in our Precision Medicine portfolio.

PBM’s organization consists of a corporate office and four operating groups as illustrated below.

The Corporate Office provides corporate planning, marketing and sales, and manages PBM’s sales agreements.

The Research and Product Development (R&PD) Group performs continuing development of PBM’s portfolio brands.

The Test Operations Group operates PBM’s CLIA-certified testing laboratory operated by Persona Biomed, Spain. This Group: operationalizes PBM’s diagnostic testing, establishes quality standards for PBM reagent recipes, and certifies PBM testing processes and methods.

The Education Services Group operationalizes PBM’s CME course delivery by managing the rollout and delivery of PBM’s courses to the medical community.

The Digital Products Group oversees the development and maintenance of PBM’s point-of-service platforms and its cloud-based products and services, as well as AI-algorithm development, and Information Technology application.