About Us

Persona Biomed was incorporated in 2015 with the aim of accelerating the development and commercialization of proprietary diagnostic and pharmaceutical laboratory technologies and services that help to tailor diagnosis and treatment to each patient, for optimizing clinical care of disease.

Today’s Persona Biomed Inc is a clinical-stage global biotech company helping to implement Precision Medicine through

  • Continuing Medical Education Services (CMES) product offering in Precision Medicine to healthcare providers – (Proprietary).
  • Precision Medicine Interactive Simulation (PMIS™) Platforms for physician training in specific diseases – (In development)
  • Customized Medical Research Services (CMRS) product offering, providing predictive molecular profiles for improved diagnostics through gene and protein expression patterns – (Proprietary)
  • Precision Medicine Point of Care (POC) Software for supporting accurate diagnosis and customized therapies – (In development).
  • Persona Biomed Global Network that is accessible with a CMRS-based Big Data solution for analysis of laboratory and clinical data – (In development)

Persona Biomed’s diagnostic and therapeutic products and services are based on unique sets of genes and proteins whose expression level, clustering patterns and interrelationship with clinical and anthropometric parameters are predictive of the progression and therapeutic response of inflammatory, degenerative and neoplastic disorders. This approach makes them patient-specific in design and at same time highly efficient by tailoring diagnostic information and therapeutic effects to each patient’s disease.

Our laboratory services are based on multiplex low-density arrays for profiling the expression level of selected gene and protein panels in solid (tissue) and liquid (interstitial fluids and blood cell secretome) biopsies from patients.

Persona Biomed’s growing patent portfolio in the field of cancer metastasis diagnosis and therapy illustrates our ongoing success in employing large-scale genomics, high-throughput screening, and bioinformatics in an integrated, broad-based discovery platform to enable and accelerate the discovery and development of new, proprietary diagnostic and therapeutic products and services that address major market needs.

These products and services, and as well as our innovative process technologies that we believe are critical to the drug discovery process, are being offered to the marketplace under several trademarked brand names, including PBMdx, PrometastaticDx™, and PBMpharma.

Persona Biomed’s management and headquarter office are in Alexandria (VA), and its research laboratories in Southwestern Europe (Spain), and soon to be in the MidEastern USA (Washington DC) and SouthAmerica (Chile).

Leadership Team

Don Cooper, President and CEO.

Former staff member of Chairman of the Science and Technology Committee of The U.S. House of Representatives. A securities trader and former Northern Virginia area real estate developer. He has held C-level positions in hospitality, IT, communications start-ups with most recent being, Regenera, LLC, a stem-cell company he founded with Dr. Yves Gerard Illouz of Paris, creator of liposuction.

Fernando Vidal-Vanaclocha, MD/PhD, Chief Science Officer

Physician scientist, trained in Pathology, and professor of Translational Molecular Medicine. He has extensive experience in discovery and translational research in Oncology, Inflammation and Regenerative Medicine. He has been very interested in moving laboratory discoveries to applications and has founded several biotech entities in Spain (INBIOMED, PHARMAKINE, IMMA) and in the USA (BIOPHARMANCE and more recently, PERSONA BIOMED) all of them focused in the development and commercialization of products and services for molecular diagnosis and target-oriented therapeutics.
Currently, he is adjunct professor at the George Washington University School of Medicine, Washington, D.C.

Board of Advisors

Dr.Young Ahn, MD has extensive clinical, operational leadership and strategic planning experience across disciplines. He has served as medical director, lab and tissue director for perioperative services, and department chairman. He is currently deputy Chief Medical Officer at an international joint partnership between a private equity firm and a Harvard teaching hospital. He completed his combined undergraduate and medical degree program at the University of Illinois and has served as a visiting fellow in molecular genetics research at the National Institutes of Health. He completed specialty training at Massachusetts General Hospital/ Harvard Medical School, and subspecialty training at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). He has board certification in critical care medicine and anesthesiology and has served on faculty at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and Kaiser Permanente in the Mid- Atlantic region.

Dr. Vivian Lee, MD is a physician expert in medical simulation and medical education. Her fellowship training in simulation and medical education was completed while serving on faculty at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Veteran Affairs Medical Center. Most recently she served on staff with Kaiser Permanente and currently serves as advisory consultant for simulations and medical education regionally and internationally. Dr. Lee completed her AB degree in molecular genetics and certificate in computer science at Princeton University. She completed medical school at Vanderbilt University and specialty training at the University of Chicago Hospitals and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). She has board certification in anesthesiology.