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Overview of Services

An overview of PBM’s product and services, now in development and commercialization, include:

Pharmaceutical Laboratory Services (PBMpharma™) consists of products offered to Biotechs and pharmaceutical companies with drug discovery and development programs (Proprietary).

Customized Medical Research Services (PBMdx™) is a product providing predictive molecular profiles for improved diagnostics through gene and protein expression patterns – (Proprietary).

Precision Medicine Interactive Simulator (PMIS) is a platform for physician training in specific diseases – (In development in Spain).

Precision Medicine Clinical Analyzer (PMCA) is a platform for supporting point of care accurate diagnosis and customized therapy solutions – (In development in Spain).

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Services provides courses in Precision Medicine to healthcare professionals – (Proprietary). ACTIVE – Go to www.emedevents.com

Persona Biomed Global Network service will be accessible with a CMRS-based Big Data solution for analysis of laboratory and clinical data – (In development in Spain).