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PBM’s core technology has emerged from leveraging cross-technology synergies in clinical biomarker discovery and molecular target-oriented drug screening. As a result, our technology and research investments are directed in two business directions. Under the trademark of PBMpharma™, we established our Pharmaceutical Laboratory Services brand to support the pharmaceutical and Biotech industry to expand the usefulness of existing drugs to target new disease mechanisms that PBM’s biomarkers are defining, and for which treatments have not been provided yet. Under the trademark of PBMdx™, we have established our Customized Medical Research Services (CMRS) brand that advantage of PBM’s biomarkers to support direct patient care.


PBMpharma™ Pharmaceutical Laboratory Services

Our PBMpharma™ technology provides a specialized catalogue of anti-cancer drug-screening assays using clinically validated therapeutic targets for the detection and pharmacological optimization of chemical compounds and biologics interfering with gene signatures, whose expression patterns recapitulate cancer cell phenotypes defining progression, metastatic behavior, and drug resistance in patients with the most prevalent cancer types. In case of drug repurposing using FDA-approved drugs, PBMpharma™ offers rapid market entry and new clinical applications for drugs whose manufacturing, safety, and side effects have previously been optimized.


PBMdx™ Customized Medical Research Services (CMRS)

Our PBMdx™ technology investment is developing and pursuing clinical validation of relevant gene and protein expression profiles that help define patient’s molecular subtypes according to their underlying mechanisms of disease, and of their response to disease. These laboratory services serve the main purpose of leveraging predictive gene and protein expression profiles for precision diagnosis and therapeutic guidance, with a special focus in immune-inflammatory disorders associated with cancer development and metastasis. Similarly, laboratory services are also being developed for non-cancer diseases, such as the cardiometabolic syndrome associated with obesity, atrial fibrillation (a highly prevalent arrhythmia), addictive disorders, and long COVID-19.


PBMdx™ technology is based on unique sets of genes and proteins whose expression level, clustering patterns and interrelationship with clinical and anthropometric parameters are predictive of the progression and therapeutic response of inflammatory, degenerative and neoplastic disorders. This approach makes them patient-specific in design and highly efficient by tailoring diagnostic information and therapeutic effects to each patient’s disease. All of the laboratory developed tests are supported by artificial intelligence-based algorithmic analyses.


Our Intellectual Property

Over the past six years, PBM’s research has resulted in application for patents, acquiring intellectual property and developing laboratory technologies. PBM is holding a U.S. patent on target-oriented liver colorectal cancer (CRC) metastasis therapeutics, and three patent pending applications have been filed on this topic. In addition, patent applications are currently being prepared under the brand name PrometastaticDx Bioscreening that contend with the detection and treatment of recurrent breast, kidney, liver, lung, skin (i.e., melanoma) and colorectal cancers.


PBM has secured the copyright of its first Continuing Medical Education (CME) course, “Precision Medicine: Evidence-Based Development and Practice”. The course is currently active on-demand at www.emedevents.com